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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Multiple Accounts & Account Name Change


Hi there,


I have two questions.


Q1. I have two seperate accounts currently listed in the online portal, one for electricity and one for gas, and both are for the same address. It is difficult for me to set up direct debit and manage them. Now I have just added a new property, and I guess there will be a third account created. Not sure if it is possible to merge all under one roof so that I don't have to set up my credit card information three times...


Q2. Can I change the account name to my mum? What form or process shall I follow? p.s. She doesn't speak English well.


Thanks in advance.


AGL Moderator

Hi @ghua


Thank you for contacting us about these enquiries.


To answer your first question, your third account for the new property will show in the same login if it is under your name. I totally agree with you in terms of the complexity when adding the same payment details twice! The good thing is that we have recognised this issue and have improved our system as a result. This is through 'My Wallet' and I have included instructions below for you to follow. 


Once logged in at you will need to select the 'MANAGE ACCOUNT' button highlighted below:



Then you will see the below page appear for you, where you will need to select 'My Wallet' on the left-hand side:




Then, you will be directed to the page in question where you can add or delete a bank account/credit card. (There is no ability to manage these details, you can only update them by deleting and adding the correct numbers.) You will see that I have a card number and bank account below:



For the next process, to update your direct debit details on your account, I have included the steps here. 


You will need to start by going back to the 'MANAGE ACCOUNT' page, but this time selecting 'Direct Debit' on the left-hand side. I have highlighted this for you here:



Once selected a new page will appear for you where you can make these adjustments. You will be able to set up a direct debit, confirm your current payment method or change payment method. You will see all these options below:

 DD currently.PNG

















I hope this helps answer that question!

Concerning setting up the account in your mother's name - this is easily done. You can speak with our service team right here. They should also be able to add you as an authorised person to speak for your mother if she would like this to happen. 


Please let us know if any other questions come up 🙂


Cheers, Jordan


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