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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Latest bill - estimated read



I just received my latest bill and am concerned about the inconsistancies with the monthly amount. This month (oct) is our largest bill to date and was an estimated reading. It works out at 475mj a day. Last month (actual) was only approx. 350 mj daily. Aug estimate reading was 470mj,  july actual again 350mj.


Why are the estimate readings over 30 percent higher than actual readings?


Also, oct 15 to may 16 all our bills were daily use below 150mj. What has caused the huge jump since june 16? Our gas bill is now higher than our AGL electricity bill, which seems ridiculous!


If this could be looked into further it would be appreciated. 


Thank you



Hi Fiona,


Have you got access to your own gas meter, if you have AGL have an excellent area on their website to allow you to enter your own reading?


Estimations are usually based on mathematical calculations on previous usage, perhaps based on higher figures as it’s better to credit you rather than give you bill shock.


Generally staff from AGL here will see your post and perhaps invite you to Private Message PM them with your account number etc. so that they can better investigate your concerns.


Dollars wise I would not overly panic as they have ways and means to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.


I must also congratulate you on your calmness, nice to see in this day and age, I'm sure staff at AGL appreciate a professional approach to a query, I'm sure any call centre anywhere prefer this kind of approach, it must make their day a little happier.




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Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Fiona. Thank you for your post. Sorry to hear about the confusion that your monthly billing seems to be causing you. As mentioned by @BWSS, you are able to provide your own meter reads (if you have access to the meters), you can find some more information here. A customer own read can be provided at any time or if you would like your monthly bill to be issued based on your own read, please submit this read at least two days prior to the monthly bill date. 


In the meantime, if you would like AGL to look into this further please send a private message  with your account details and we will get back to you as soon as possible with what we find.