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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Issue with AGL when moving home


I just want to let the community know about an issue that i had with AGL after i requested to change my address.

I moved from my old unit about two months ago and i lodged a move request with AGL online to change my address for my account from my old unit to my new unit (which is unit number 6). They changed the address but instead of changing it to number 6 they changed it to number 5 (my neighborogh's unit).

I found it out only yesterday when I received a letter from AGL saying that i need to connect my unit 6 to AGL.

Be aware and careful and always double check when you deal with AGL, that is what i want to say, otherwise you will be charged for your neighborough's electricity.



It's not sp much AGL as most anything you do in life, check, double check and then check again.............not sure which state your in or what software you use that AGL have for our use, but, my account, update details does show you your current information, have you a facility to utilise this? BTW, I don't work for AGL, just a customer just like you.


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AGL Moderator

Hey @Vladimir


Sounds very frustrating indeed, we're very sorry about this error. Have you contacted us in the meantime to get this rectified? If not, please don't hesitate in sending us a message with some account information and we'll get it sorted out for you. 


Yes, i called AGL and they tried to fix this. I will see if it is resolved.


to @BWSS


Yeah, i agree with you - it is not an AGL's responsibility to change my address to unit 6 when i ask them to change it to unit 6. They can change it to whatever they like - unit 5 , 555, 55555, 1234. And then i will have to spend my time getting them to resolve it.

Really helpful remark from you, keep on posting, thanks.