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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Inflated Gas bill


I am shocked!

I live with my partner and 1 infant. we both work full time and cook dinners only.

We do not use gas for heating. I have used AGL for the past two years for gas and have never been so shocked. till now the highest i have paid for 3 months is AUD 145. this March-April we were away and i just received a 3 months bill of AUD 626. 

I spoke at the customer care. of course the issue was unresolved. they asked me to email them the photo of meter. i did and never heard back till i called back again today just to hear that the reading is correct and the Bill is adjustment of all the previous estimated bills. My question is HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

i understand adjustment of 20-30 dollars but we are talking about 450 odd Dollars here.

Let alone a shake up in the budget, how can i consume that much gas in 60 days as i was not in Sydney for all of April.

I just cant understand this.

i am not willing to pay that much as i think this is cheating and not fair calculation. why are we paying for their distributor's fault of not putting in correct reading.



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