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Inaccurate Meter Read

I have an issue with my most recent gas bill as I believe it has been incorrectly charged.
For our “actual dated metered read” it states that the start read is 5,602 and the end read is 5,702.
The gas has not been used in months, and I am quite surprised in the increase in payment due considering the bill prior was $55.64 - for supply only.
I have attached a photo of the meter showing that the current reading is 5,602 which is the start read.
Can somebody please explain how you have come up with the "actual" meter read, and have the bill amended to show a true representation of my gas use.
Thank you.
Actual Meter Read taken 27/03/2018Actual Meter Read taken 27/03/2018

AGL Moderator

Hey Hayley_Mitchell,


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Based on your post, it does sound as though something may have gone awry here! Especially if you've been billed to a meter reading of 5,702, when your meter is clearly displaying a meter reading of 5,602. To have this corrected, we'll ask you to submit your own meter read via My Account or the AGL App which will help update your account with an accurate reading.


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We have also had an inaccurate meter read.

Even though it is in dispute,I have been reissued with the same one - WITHOUT the discount. I have submitted the current reading but was never contacted as promised.😡 


Still oesnt explain how AGL have billed for a reading that is clearly wrong

Was there an ACTUAL meter reading or do AGL lie about what is an ACTUAL reading as apposed to an estimate

I will be checking my meter!

AGL Moderator

Hi BMJ! 


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It is always a good idea to check your own meter reading against your bills if you are concerned about the bill just as a quick check. 

Very rarely, we will get an estimated reading marked as an actual reading because the meter reader hit the wrong button, but we have internal processes to overcome this when it does occur. 


You can provide your own readings through your MyAccount and AGL App at any time for accurate billing, and cost to date estimations. 


Thank you