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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.



WHY! AM I PAYING UP TO 500 AND MORE BY MYSELF WITH disability? people on there should not have the same amount of power when not using heating or cooling than a family you charge to much would let me upload my photo also said on the page I was not allowed there I had no idea that not using airconditioning heating watching tv only run a fridge, freezer and hot water no washing machine few small electricals all high efficiency and I'm getting billed sometimes over 500$ a quarter

as sick as I am I'm also now told to pay 86 $ something a fortnight 



Looks like this single person with a disability is paying far too much for the small amount of electricity she is using.

AGL Community Manager

Hi @fairdnkm , 

Did you manage to get this issue with your unexpectedly high bills resolved? 

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