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Gas hot water meter seems running fast


Hi everyone,


I am new to this community.


I am living in an apartment for nearly 1.5 years and been using AGL for electricity and gas (only for hot water). I am quite concerned about the recent gas bill I have received from AGL where there is such a high rise which is unbelievable ($221 for 58 days) considering I have been living here by my self and work full time Monday to Friday. I use hot water only for shower and use cold water for washing on weekends.

I have attached a screenshot of my previous gas bills as to show the amount of gas bills I have been getting. When I contacted AGL to clarify about this the answer I got was my previous gas bill was estimated and this one is actual. But still I am not really convinced as I know the amount of hot water I use and pretty sure it's definitely not this high. 

According to the bill the last meter reading was taken on 9/08 - end reading 71410 units & when I checked on 13/08 end reading 71459 units. Based on my observation, I used 49 units in less than 4 days which means 12 units per day and I will use 720 units in 2 months. 

Anyone had the same experience? How can I sort this out. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated. Gas bill.jpg


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