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Gas bill too high




I got my first gas bill from AGL couple days ago. They ask me to pay 950 $ for 3 months.


I was very surprised by this amount because we are a couple living in a 1 bedroom apartment working full time in hospitality so we are spending most of our time at work. 


We used gas just for the gas cooking stove and hot water. We are using the gas cooking stove at least twice a week and we are taking one shower each per day (3 minutes for each of us, we used a chronometer to check just in case). 


My bill has been calculated on an estimate reading, so we are apparently using 364,00 MJ per day so 10.57 $. How is it possible ?

It appears (they believe) we spent 23,573 MJ in hot water in 90 days so 262 MJ per day just for hot water. 


I tried to call AGL, I explained to them my problem, they don't care. According to them it's logical that we've got a bill of that amount. They asked me to pay for a technician to come to check my gas meter. I've got pictures of my gas meter which have been taken in November proving that we didn't use that much gas they don't want to know about them. Jemena came on November to read my meter but AGL don't want to provide us the number which has been read by Jemena, to compare with the actual number. 


What you don't understand AGL is that i'm not complaining about my gas meter, i'm sure my gas meter works properly. I'm complaining about your estimation !!!!


I read my hot water meter number last night the number was 56,397.35 and tonight is 56,398.67 so 1.32 cubic meter so 51 MJ so 7 times less that your daily estimation. Does it mean that I should pay 7 times less my gas bill ? so 135 $ ? For 2 people working each 50 hours per week it seems more logical. 


Would someone advise on how to make AGL to give us the correct bill. 


We are now wondering if we're not gonna change our provider for gas. 


Thank you guys.



Hi guys,


Called AGL this morning and provided my actual reading. They adjusted the bill, finally I talked to someone profesional who were understanding my problem.


My bill has been 3 times overpriced and they apologized for it. Hope it will never happen again ! 

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Hey holydrain47,


Thank you for your post!


We'd like to apologise for the understandable frustration caused by this inflated bill, however it is fantastic to hear that our customer service team were able to sort this out for you! If you feel your bill needs to be double checked in the future, you're always welcome to call through as you have today. Alternatively, you can submit your own meter read via My Account or the AGL App which will help provide more accurate bills when estimates are needed.


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I had a same experience.

when I called to AGL, they don’t care and saying if you ask us to read GAS meter again, will charge you around $90 extra.


I explain them that the billing period is 29days and I only stayed this apartment for little more than 10days during billing period with AGL and I am living alone but the bill was $250. Defenitely it’s wrong but she even didn’t explain me how to solve this problem. Just saying that I have to pay anyway.


now I fixed the bill and save $190

I am sure that lots of AGL costumer had a same experience that they pay extra than they usage.

Now, I moved Origin.


Hello dear, 


What did you do with this **bleep** sitiution? Did you figured it out already ? 

I don’t know what I have to do now


it is happened to me as well. My bill is 1059$ for 3 months. I leave with my partner just 2 of us. 

We dont cook much at home. 


After I received my high amount of gas bill, I called to customer service then they said don’t pay any money until they figured out because it looks like too much and incorrect.

But I always received email that I have to pay that money also your Gaz meter is correct other ways they will disconnect my gas.


Do you have any idea that what I have to now?

pls help me



Thank you. 


Take a photo of your hot water meter and gas meter and send it to

they will fix it for you.


I found out that reading was wrong.

but just make sure that they measured by KL or L for hot water.

if their reading was L, then they shouldn’t multiply by ten.


actually, my second bill also wrong again.

they charged me around $300 for just 16days.

and end up with only $17. I sent photo of hot water meter and gas meter as both reading was wrong.

AGL made same mistake twice to me. They are not really reliable!!!!


l had a gas bill for $354 for 16 days , we were away the rest of the time , the first girl l spoke to from AGL said it couldn't be right and she said AGL would contact me ,l just spoke with another man today and he said my bill was correct , l can't see how 2 people could use this much l have been with AGL a long time , time for a change 

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Same issue here, checked my gas bill today and find out I have been charged TRIPLE, for using the same thing the last 9 months, same thing everyday. 

I'm responsible for the increase in electricity bill, which has an increase of 50$, due to using heater for living room area, and that's it! We even paid for a good Eco-Panel Heater 400w (200$) and it should do the job 6 hrs evening heating everyday for less than extra 52cent extra, per day.

But nothing changes in the way of using gas! just the bill is triple, $102.85 for 60 days, second $126.61/90 days, now $368.96 for 87 Days

Just had a chat with AGL without knowing this thread, convincing me that estimate seems to be working fine, then now checking google search and obviously tons of thread just like this. Knowing these complaints really upset me

Will call AGL tmr to express

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were you able to fix the bill....?Please let me know


yep exact same here,one person a cat in an apartment and theyre say i use 17000 mu lol i dont cook at home,they say it my hot water,wel i stay at my partners most of the time,i hired a gas plumber to check things he say its ridiculous 17000 mu is an amount a commercial kitchen uses! No recourse with agl they fob it off to jemena. Next step is ombudsmen agl are a joke. My gas bill is 550 and the previous one was 798 lol my elec bill was 278....