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Gas Meter Readings


I would like to know, why in this day and age, with all the problems of thefts, vandalism and home invasions etc. and with many people having to be out working to pay their bills, we are expected to leave our premises open for a physical gas meter reading to take place over the period of 5 days!!!!  We have had ongoing issues with 'estimated' readings due to having automatic gates on our property.  Leaving them open exposes our premises to everyone and anyone, defeating the purpose of having gates in the first place.  Why can't gas meter readings be made remotely similar to electricity?  I have read on this forum that this is being rolled out in other states, when will Victoria follow suit?   Not happy.


Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Mars


Sorry to hear that you are having issues with estimated reads for your gas meter. At this time remotely read gas meters are not available in Victoria. Will be great once these are! 


In the meantime,we can suggest 2 options:

  1. The gas meter can be moved to an easy accessible area of your property. Use this link for more information.
  2. AGL has a monthly billing option and you as the customer can provide your own gas meter reading. This can be completed, via our AGL Website, the instructions can be found here.

If neither of these options suit, at a very minimum we only require an actual read once every year. It may be possible to arrange an actual appointment (dependent on your location and distribution region). You would need to contact us to arrange this special read appointment. 




My sentiments exactly, my meter and that of my mother in law's are very accessable but every week, on a Wendesday I take photos of the whole meter, reading as well as the serial number - this firstly gives me proof of an exact reading. 


From there for both of us I submit a reading on line the same day and means a highly accurate reading, the only time it becomes an estimate is when that reading is a few days away at the end of the month, but, my weekly reads make the estimate much more accurate.


I also read in a previous post that AGL advise to 'watch this space' over automation much like the electricity were one day gas reads will be read remotely which I look forward too.




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Have you considered invoicing your supplier, who are supposed to provide this service, for your effort and time?