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Gas Meter Reading


We have been with AGL from 2013 at a different house. We moved to a new location in Sep 2015. When we received the gas bill from AGL we found out it was an estimate and that the starting reading was not taken. On investigating we found out the gas meters are in the house. We contacted AGL with our right reading at this point. They got

They got Jemena gas to investigate the issue and turns out the meter in the house was not sending the reading to the remote meter unit which they promptly fixed. However, there is the matter of the start read.


We have been in discussion with the multiple people from the resolutions team since Feb 2016 till now. It has been more than a year since we moved in and they still haven't been able to correct the start reading!!. All they had to do was take the starting reading from the day we gave them the actual read and just estimate backwards for the three months prior. Instead, they keep putting up the wrong start read in such a way that we are being double charged for the period specified. There is no communication (or follow up) from the team until we contact them. Instead we are constantly sent reminders that our bill is over-due even though they have put a lock on the account and we have been asked to hold off paying the bill till they can sort the issue. Very disappointed with the service provided.


Can someone who understands the billing and backdating look into this issue for us?? We have given all the required details including the meter pics/reading from Feb2016 onwards... 



Hey Des,


Firstly it's a wake up call to all the community, no matter who is the retailer, when you move in or out of a dwelling, not only note the readings of both gas and electricity but take actual photos, good clear ones that show the whole meter, meter number and read data.


I know it's hindsite but many simply don't do it. I'm in SA so the rules are slightly different, we only have one wholesaler for Electricity and one for gas, gas for us is billed monthly under my plan but the meter is read every 2 months which is fine, I take photos every week without fail and with the software on the AGL website I enter my own readings, this way I avoid the horrible 'estimate'. It works for me as I have proof positive of my readings, your ok in the fact you have access to your meter, many do not.


So, hindsite over, when you moved in someone somewhere took a reading somehow, probably electronically, I would hit at Jemena first and get on their back to get that reading, our ombudsman here is EWOSA but in your state it will be different, they can help but a warning, it can slow down the process as it stops you talking automatically to AGL, generally not a good thing, with any luck you should get a post from a moderator here hwo will ask you to private message them with your account number etc. so they can hopefully investigate and fix for you.Your post is polite and that's in your favour, we all like to help people who are civil............goot luck Des.


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Retired AGL Moderator

Hi @Des. Thanks for the post. It seems like this has been a very confusing and frustrating experience with AGL. Unfortunately these issues arise from time to time. If you could please send a private message with your account details, we can look into this further for you.