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Fake Billing



AGL, so it appears, is participating in a practice of Fake Billing called SCAM or SLAM Billing.
This is whereby AGL does not have a contract and does not have the name of the customer but attempts to scare them into joining or paying AGL.  They do this even when you are with another provider!!! 


They use the name Energy Consumer instead of your actual name.

This practice is immoral and unethical and quite probably illegal but at least not in the spirit or billing rules and corporate responsibility.
Sample of SCAM Billing by AGLSample of SCAM Billing by AGL





























If you are aware of this type of activity or have examples like this please contact me at and I will compile the information for a formal complaint to the State and Federal Governments and to ASIC, ACCC and the media.

This practice by AGL simply must be stopped and you can help
Thanks in advance


AGL Moderator

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Tell me, what has AGL has really done and how do you know it was the fault of AGL? I'm a customer just like you and fail to see how a scam, malicious as it is, is passed off as the fault of AGL? 


With no cleat reference as to an account number or account details it seems it's just another scam, that being the case commonsense should prevail, in humble opinion. 




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What part of friendly is cutting off the electricity from a household who you don't have a contract with?

Why should I be friendly when your company cost me thousands of dollars?

Why should I be friendly when nobody in your company does anything other than be patronising and not be accountable for the issues you caused?

Why should I be friendly when AGL conducts illegal activities like SLAM BILLING ?????

How about you be friendly and actualy do something other than pretend and actually do NOTHING!!!!!"???????


1) My name is not "Energy Consumer"

2) My contract is with another provider

3) The Network Controller Energex confirmed it was AGL who cut off my power

4) AGL Admitted fault verbally and in writing

5) Mike Duffy Media Officer of AGL sent me a $500.00 Cheque - This constitutes legal admittance


There is no reference to an account that doesn't exist!  That is clearly and obviously an impossibility - please catch-up here you are being left behind!


Rob your opinion is not humble or helpful and all of the above information was documented in my original post

This was not a 3rd party scam - THIS WAS SLAM BILLING BY AGL!

AGL Moderator

Hi Very_Angry,

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Once again, we would like to resolve this and will get in contact with you soon.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience in this matter.





I appear to have been a victim of AGL's gross incompetence over 13 years.




Numerous contacts with AGL have all failed to achieve anything.




I have contacted EWON (case  335797) but they have been useless, just a load of bureaucratic rubbish and buck passing.







Yep.  I just got one of these too!


Attempting to get me to pay $700 for an account I don't have, for a gas service that is not even operational.  When I called to ask how it is possible that I (the 'Energy Consumer') am being asked to pay for an account I don't have, the only only reply I got was that someone who lived at my property in the past must have had the service - which makes no sense, because the 'Supply Charge' listed on the debt breakdown covered the period in which I have lived in the house - with no gas service and no account with AGL.

I feel that this letter is engineered to frighten elderly or confused people into paying for a bill that has nothing to do with them, because the bill is designed to look legitimate, is a large amount, and threatens further late charges if it is not swiftly paid.

If this bill were in good faith, clearly it would have the name of the person with whom AGL had an account.  As the representative with whom I was speaking tried to argue, the bill is only relevant to whoever the previous tenant of my house was, long ago.  But when that person's account was cancelled/expired AGL chose to continue sending their bill onto the next tenant, intentionally removing that person's name, I believe, with the intent of creating confusion.  There can be no other reason for removing the name.  Why would anyone else willingly chose to pay a bill that was someone else's expense?!


Can AGL address the issue of sending to "Energy Consumer" or is this a 3rd party scam?


In my case, we sold a house for 6 months while it was empty and cancelled all utilities and paid all outstanding amounts.


After the new owners bought and moved in, they got an AGL gas bill, in the post, for over $100 for the period after which we cancelled gas and no one was living there - addressed to "Energy Consumer".


To make it worse, they got another bill for a different amount, less than $100, for the exact same period, with a few days added at the end.


So there's absolutely no wiggle room for passing this off as a "mistake" or some kind of procedural error.

Whoever created this bill must know it's invalid and wrong and likely to confuse someone into giving money where it is not owed.


I assume then, it's a very advanced 3rd party scam somehow...

If not, AGL has some serious questions to answer.

AGL Moderator

Hi OrangeAvenger, 


Thanks for contacting us and welcome to the AGL Community.


I can confirm that the Energy Consumer bills are a legitimate invoice from AGL. Ordinarily, these are generated when we can see usage is being consumed at a premise but no-one has set up an account or taken responsibility for it yet. This can also happen if a meter still exists, even if there is no usage, as the supply charge will still apply; this sounds like the situation with your premise.


If you do have any concerns around this invoice, I would recommend to contact us and we will be happy to assist;


Thank you,