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Extremely High Gas Bill


Last month I received an extremely high gas bill which is 1,301 AUD. I'm quite sure that it is not normal to have such a high bill like this. Anyway I just moved in the apartment for first month. There're only 2 people in the apartment, and we only use gas for cooking and water heating.  I called AGL customer service and told them about this, they said they will send someone to check the meter again and will call me as soon as possible. And guess what happen,They decided not to call me. I've never received any call from AGL. So after a few weeks I decided to call them back and they insisted that I have to pay 1,301AUD. Any idea about this?



Thank you very much. I'll try that.




I'm writing this with regard to my gas bill in June which was extremely hight. It's my first bill with AGL. It was approximately $1400. I spent couple of weeks arguing that it was impossible; however, I ended up with having to pay full amount of the bill. My query today is that I just received a gas bill for the last 3 months (Jul-Sep) and it was $185. Is it possible for me to use this as evidence that the last 3 months were definately overcharged. The last read of the meter at the end of July was actual read and it's correct. Nevertheless, the first read (begining of June) was probably wrong, but I can't prove that because I didn't read the meter when I first moved in. By the way, I've been using gas in the same way as I did 3 months ago and I have no gas heater.

AGL Employee

Hi Tim


it seems like there is something that we need to look at here, can you please PM me your details (account number too) and we will look into it and resolve or get some one to call you back




Just PM you


Hey Tim,


Can I advise you to immediately remove your account number from your post, it's never a good idea to publish ANY private information, no matter how small it may be. All to do with the privacy act to protect you.


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Hey Mikcon,


For those here not used to the phrase, PM, can I suggest you and your colleagues say PM as well as Private Message and give them a proper link to you as not everyone is familiar with how to do it all?




Please remember I am just like you - a customer. If my post has helped, you can click the 'LIKE' button to show your appreciation.




I am with AGL from the last two years, I realised I am getting super high gas bills after talking and comparing with my friends, We are two people, working full time, and have only hot water and stove using gas(no any appliances)

An avg from last two years non-winters I am getting $300+ for 3 months, and winters it's $400+


So an overall I paid $2500 - $3k in 2 years, other families similar to me paid $150 per 3 months.


I complained multiple times to AGL, they never took my issue seriously, I paid too much money than my bill.


Please help me to investigate it seriously.




AGL Moderator

Hello Anantha! 


There can be a few different things that affect usage for gas, and the variations between different homes. Types of appliances, how many appliances, the temperature things are run at and how often. 


Obviously the high bills are a big concern for, firstly I recommend you take a few meter readings from your meter or meters if you have 2, once a day for a few days. Then contact our team here so we can look at your daily usage, see if there are any discrepancies with the bills and investigate from there. 


Thank you