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Extremely High Gas Bill




I got my gas bill today for the period of 26 Apr - 13 Aug 2016.


It was shocking that total charge is 3 times higher than usual, where the estimate of one meter is over 10K mj.


This is the second time since last Nov, where my account was overcharged more than $100, while the call center asked me to pay $150 fee for invetigation. it was confirmed couple of months ago that was a billing error, and I got my refund of $100. 


Ironically, couple of month later, I received an historical high gas bill again, which should be of an over charge of ~$250. 


Can anyone help to correct the shocking billing error?





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I have replied to your private message as reqeusted. Please provide the action and solution. tks


Extreamly disappointing customer resolution team


I am writing to complaint my extremely disappointing experience with AGL.

1. My gas bill was overcharged for the bill issued Oct 2015. I raised complaint in the call center, but I was asked for $150 for investigation.
2. My bill was confirmed as overcharged in May. And my bill was reconciled by escalating to the customer service. I was granted $100 credit on 31 May 2016.
3. The bill issued to me on 16 Aug was wrong ($406.26 with Credit $175), the same issue of Oct 2016. I raised a ticketed number 1377743638. Raj raised a ticket to investigate the actual reading
4. I received the revised bill today. I found The amount payabal was wrong although the meter reading has been reduced. I complained to Daniel in the customer solution team with the ticket number 1379496845. I raised two issues:
      a. the conversion factor of Meter No UR007955 for read date on 13 Aug has been increased from 0.244717 to 0.644855 from the bill issued on 16 Aug.
      b. Only $75 credit applied to my account while I should have $175 credit in total including the $100 credits issued on 31 May as the compensation for the billing error of 2015.
      c. Daniel sent me my account statement. As of 22 Aug, my account is at Cr $100. However, I do not understand why so much debits occurred to my account as the reverse invoice in previous bills as as of 31 May 2016, my previous account has been reconciled. now it seems AGL tried to charged me those over charged bill again this time including previous account adjustment foe over charging (the $26.05 + $27.81 + $143.11 + 125.63 was in an email statement as the over charging to be refunded, those overcharging has been balanced as of 31 May, with AGL charge me again now? 
5. Daniel is very har dto communicate and seems he is lacking the communication skills to deal with customer complaint.
6. I would like to ask to not paying the bill until this billing issue is resolved.
7. I would like the manager Adam to made a phone call appointment through email, and be able to resolve this issue.


AGL previously refund me those over charges, however now, the same poor billing error happend again, but this time, they charge me those refunds for previous orvercharge again. 


This is to say, 


I over charge you $200

I refund you $200

I over charge again

I correct my bill, but I want you pay the $200 I issued to you previously due to the over charge.


this is insane

AGL Moderator

Hi @Sh - We are sorry you're having a rough go here, however, we have requested from your previous enquiry that you message us some account details. You did send us a message but it only contained the same information that you provided previously, which was the name of the person you spoke to in the resolutions team. I had responded to your message advising that this will not help us in getting to the bottom of your issue, and you will need to provide us with account details so we can locate your account and assist.


Please respond to our message at your earliest convenience.




AGL Moderator



I had to delete your last comment, as you have provided your private account number via a public forum. Please respond to our private message with your details so we can assist you privately.

AGL Moderator

@Sh I have located your account and will private message you to update you on what we're doing.