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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.



How do I ask for an extension on a bill


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To arrange an extension you'll need to contact us.


It is always quickest if you have your account details handy. If you don't know your account number, don't stress - they will just for your address, mobile number etc. Our guys can help out with short team payment plans, ongoing payment plans, extensions and any other questions you might have. Make sure you give us a call before the due date, to ensure you are not charged any late payment fees. 








Need extension for my next bill .Spoke to customer service.Unable to help advised that you csn help. She advised me my next bill payment will be 22/8.I would like extension to 30/8 I will be overseas in remote areas  until 26/8 and there will  be insufficient fund in my credit card on 22/ 8 for direct debit. Surely you can organise this .Thabk you Kristine

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Hi 212423kl,


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We're unable to assist you with account-related enquiries through the AGL Community I'm sorry to say. If you referred to our online services by our customer service team, then it is likely that they were referring to our web chat team who you can get in touch with here.


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