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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Electricity bills - Too many problems!


Our problems:


1. Usage rate for electricity was incorrect. Found out from login to my agl online. We signed up for the fixed rate contract but was charged with the higher standard variable rate, also showing as monthly billing instead of quarterly which we had signed up for.  Made our first call to proactively point the problem before we receieve our first bill. 1st call on 20/07/15 receipt no.1309119476


2. Made 2nd call 04/08/15 receipt no.1310842080 to follow up the issue as it's still not resolved. 


3. Received First electricity bill.  Bill issued for 35 day period instead of quaterly. NO $50 discount off fist bill which was promised on the contract.  $112.95 was shown as scheduled for direct debit on 27aug.  

Made 3rd call 10/08/15 receipt no. 1313715657, ponting out (yet again! all the problems).  Was promised that the account will be put on hold and bill will be reversed and the correct quarterly bill will be issued with the correct rate and discount. 


4. To our horror, we received another bill today (11/07/15) after the yesteday's promised of putting the account on hold until problem is rectified.  


This Second bill was issued charging us for the next 18day period.  The bill however included the $112.95 from first bill which was yet to be rectified and not due! +$59.55 for the 18day = $172.50 Scheduled for direct debit on 28aug.  


Hence we will be incorrectly direct debited for $112.95 plus $172.50 = $285.45 over the two days' scheduled direct debit date instead of the $112.95 (which is yet to be reduced by the $50 discount which was never shown, and less the difference in the fixed rate and variable rate charges) and the $59.55!!!


Made the 4th call today receipt no. 1313748028. Pointing out all the issue again from day1!  


We are really losing hope on the competencies of AGL to resolve this simple issue.  We dont understand how the contract can show one thing, and the bills showed another.... We wonder how many AGL customers out there check their bills to see if they get what they signed up for.... Also, with the direct debit authority, it makes it even easier for AGL error (whether a system error or a human error) to go unnoticed.... Please get our issue rectified once and for all; retract all the incorrect bills to avoid system confusion of potentially double charging (see point 4).


Our account no is 7016911526. If someone with real authority to reverse and retract incorrect bills can contact us,that will be much appreciated.  We are tired of wasting our time to call and speak to the 'specialist resolution centre' who cant fix the problem due to authority.



Hi @TT


We'll open an investigation into this ASAP. Thanks for providing your details. 




If I've helped at all, a Kudos would be appreciated 🙂




I feel for you, having been with AGL for some 8 years plus, gas and electricity.

I have lost count of the number of incorrect bills I have had with both, and the hours on chat or phone trying to correct them - often with the "correction" making it even worse.

The latest was yesterday: over an hour on the chat page with more numbers being bandied around - none of which bore any resemblance to the bill! The ridiculous thing is that the bill in question, a month old and direct debited, is actually correct! Yesterday I received a letter saying that it was wrong with several different numbers in it.

It transpired that AGL have changed the "start" meter reading to something fictitious, have debited my bank account for the (correct) initial bill, then without any notification have changed the reading. I KNOW the readings in the first bill are correct because I noted them down the same day the reading was made and they match what I read myself.

The chat page lady refused to provide the name and address of the chairman of the board - and the AGL web page appears to be way out of date: the chairman has been changed, according to a Google search.

You couldn't make it up.


Further to that - I received the "revised" bill today - and it's identical with the (incorrect) one I complained about.


I am going to the ombudsman tomorrow - AGL is beyond a joke.