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Electricity bill has increased almost by double



My monthly bill averages around $180 . You can see my bill history - I living with my 2 flatmate and they work full-time so we use electricity as usual . I just received my next monthly bill which is over $444 and it is the 'actual' not the estimated measure which constitutes the big portion of this increase. 

We usuall use electricity around 18- 25 kwh a day . 

But it apear we used 46.08kwh per day from 06/04 to 08/05 for 33 days . How can we use this amont suddenly by double . 
I don't understand how my bill could increase by such an amount, I haven't turned the airconditioning on in over a month as it is cooling down and I am the kind of person who switches my powerpoints off when not in use... so I feel my bill should be decreasing not increasing suddenly.

Is it possible to get this checked out to see whether there has been a reading error?
Or is this something to do with incorrect prior estimations and I'm suddenly paying for it back now... ???

Also i attached the bill history and meter reading . 
Any clarification on the cause of my bill increase is greatly appreciated,
Thank you


AGL Moderator

Hey Jk1004,


Thank you for your post!


If you have have received a monthly bill that is far higher than anticipated, then the most likely cause is that your bill(s) prior to your most recent were under estimated, which has resulted in a 'catch-up' bill now that your meter has finally been read. The best way to verify this is to compare your current meter reading against the end meter reading on your bill. If your meter reading is now higher than the reading on your bill, then this suggests that your bill is correct.


If you'd like to chat further about this, you're always welcome to get in touch with our web chat team here!


Kind regards,



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