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Electricity Bill has Estimated read and not actual with a smart meter




I have a smart read electricity meter and my recent bill said that the read was an estimate and my bill appeared to be higher than normal.

I was advised to send through an actual read of my meter which I did and then was told it is a smart meter and does not need to be sent through.


Why is my bill saying estimate when it should say Actual and has on all previous bills?





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AGL Moderator

Hey Jimi007,


Thank you for our post!


Depending on what type of digital/interval meter that you have, it may still need to be read manually. If a meter reader has not been able to get access to you meter or has not attended as expected, then this will result in your bill being estimated. If you'd like us to have a look at this further for you, we'd encourage you get in touch with our web chat team here!


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