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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Discrepancies betwen bills and direct debit amts


I've just spent 20+ minutes on the phone, and did not have confidence in the operator, to explain the issue to me or resolve it satisfactorily.


1. I noticed an extra amount deducted from my account, of $0.74, which alerted me to this issue.

2. Further investigation, my last emailed bill was $54.57, but only $27.20 was debited.

3. Talking to the operator, she was insistent that the correct amount had been debited, and was insisting that the $27.20 was an overcharge that she would be crediting back. It took some convincing, that i have my bank statements, and know how much has been debited, and thats not correct..

4. Eventually she concedes that AGL have made errors, and only charged me for half the bill. "How would i like to pay the rest?". Well that flipped around quickly. 10 minutes ago, I had only been charged half a bill, and was going to have the other half refunded to me. I suggested that just credit the half you have undercharged, as a good will gesture for the AGL mistake, and investment of my time, and we'll all move on. It's not a big bill amount.  

5. That could not be done, hence the escalation.


WHY is there differences between billed amounts and direct debit amounts?

Investigating back further in Sept 2017, there might be a simliar issue. A small debit of $6.10, followed by a larger amount, to make up the bill total.


Posting here, to get some escalated support from AGL please.






AGL Moderator

Hey trav33.


Thank you for your enquiry!


I'm sorry to hear that you've received little to no satisfaction when requesting assistance from our customer service team! Please send me a private message including your AGL account details and I'll take a closer look at things.


Kind regards,



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I have direct debit organised with AGL and they still do not take the correct amount. Looking at changing to another supplier as AGL is to inefficient and off handed.


I have exactly the same problem