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Can somebody read this gas meter number? Just don't know how AGL read the meters.


Please see the pic,  according to the AGL webiste,


"When taking a reading from the gas meter, read left to right. For gas meters, you only need to read the black or white digits. The red numbers are used for testing purposes only."



So, I read the meter as 0,  but for many months, the AGL staff told me that is 2999.  Then, I just wondering, did they really know how to read or the information in AGL website is wrong? or...?


Can someone explain this? Thanks.






I posted the same question on their facebook page, because in this forum, not too many people visited.



Then, their staff who said there are 2 black digits in the pic, tells me that they are correct.




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As mentioned via the Facebook post, the complete reading for the meter in question is 2999. As this appears to be a hot water meter, the reading process differs to that of a standard gas meter. This FAQ page on Jemena's website explains the process further, outlining that 'both the black and red numbers should be included' however the final two digits are partial units and therefore will not appear on your bill. Happy to help if you have any further queries on the matter.


Edit: further clarification.

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