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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Bill has gone up $50per fortnight


Has anyone else's bill gone up $50 per fortnight in Adelaide recently? My bill was already $195 per fortnight, which I find excessive considering I use minimal power, being a bit of a hippy, I turn off/don't use lights unless theyr needed, I prefer to burn candles, I turn of appliance so theyr not on standby & try to save power everywhere I can. I have minimal appliances to start with, barely use the oven or heating/cooling. Where could all this power be being used? My hot water system is medium sized & is around 2 years old. I have two old meters in my powe box (3actuallybut 2 with the spinny things & dials to read usage etc) I switched off all power in the house to see if there was any difference in the rate the meters spin, one slowed down & almost stopped spinning after turning everything off & runs relatively slowly with power switched back on, but the other meter is spinning flat out continuously (I'm assuming this is the hot water meter?) Should it be spinning flat out all the time? Is this normal? Is it normal to have two meters per box anymore? & why wouldn't bill have gone up $50 a fortnight on an already extremely high bill? I'm just a bit stumped as I was barely managing the $195 fortnight lay payment on my disability support payment & the $50 rise on that will leave without a cent. I am not using any extra power, I am in fact using less due to the already high bill, yet my efforts have come to nothing but an INCREASE in my bill. I rent of id'e look into solar power as the bills are ridiculous for power. I never thought id'e be one of those people who go cold, hot or hungry just to save a little power, but the way things are going there won't be much choice. Why do I have two meters in my box & why does the one spin 'very fast' even when all power in house is switched off,I'd it possible I have an issue somewhere causing these extreme bills? $1500 a quarter is so excessive considering u have no pool, computers, high fi systems etc? All I have is 2 tvs ( only one on s a time) a Foxtel box, fridge, oven & microwave (I barely use) a phone charger, a washer & a rarely used dryer, lights are off by around 8 & I have one shower per day, how am I using $1500 per quarter of power, it seems impossible. I was actually looking forward to getting my new smooth billing card as I was sure all my recent efforts would have resulted in a smaller payment, & was really dissapointment to find it the opposite. They wanted to put in a new smart meter a few weeks ago but wher unable to due to the meter box being 'faulty'? Surely if it was faulty it would have bee picked up by one of the meter readers etc, I'm not an expert myself! How do u get my 'faulty' (as stated by the smart meter installers) fixed? If my meter is faulty is it possible I'm being charged wrongly? Sooo frustrated! Most ad my fortnigjtly payments go straight to Agl, it's beyond ridiculous.


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Hi @AngieEarthangel


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Can you please send a private message to myself with your account details, so that I can investigate your account further. Regarding the issues with the meters, we can arrange for a meter test to be conducted. This will ensure that your current meters are compliant with Australian Standard. If the meters are found to be faulty then they are usually replaced. 


Private message link. Once I have your details, I will be able to review your account and will provide you with further information.