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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Bill Smoothing


I transferred to bill smoothing a few months ago only because I want to receive 28% discount.  I always paid my previous bills early been with agl for 9 years. I received my bill the other day and was happily surprised as my account was in credit $880 and bill had just been paid, my bill said I could take a refund or reduce payments (lovely).  I decided to take half of it as a refund to help with some other bills, I called the bill smoothing number and put through to a foreign call centre where unfortunately the lady could hardly understand a word I was saying, she kept shouting at me to turn speaker phone off (only had it on quickly to see account number in email. I said to her she should let her manager know the phone line connection is terrible and she didn’t even respond? She said she processed the refund and I asked her if she could reduce fortnightly payments from 150-100 and she told me system would only let her do 20%? Huh that’s my bank account and my money I am dumbfounded that a system can determine how much is automatically coming out my bank account! Needless to say I have cancelled bill smoothing yesterday via agent messenger but as far as I can see from that it has not been cancelled!  AGL I think this is shocking customer service and I honestly believe I should be able to speak to someone in Australia where I live!  I have decided to transfer my electric to energy locals (fully run in Australia) who have amazing customer service and no they don’t give a 28% discount but they re rates are cheaper and they will not rob my bank account of whatever money they want.  Apparently the email your system sent me this morning states you know want to debit $223 a fortnight when I cancelled bill smoothing yesterday! I have cancelled bill smoothing so if you take any money out my account or charge me any fees for not paying bill smoothing I will have to take action. I am up to date with recent bill and would like if you send me a bill when my electricity is transferred to the new company.  Good day to you all.