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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

App does not work


I have installed the app and the account info is correct but across the app it says Sorry we were unable to rerieve your information. Please try again later. That has been that way for weeks now. On the online AGL IQ using my computer it says Unfortunately, there was an error loading your usage charges data. Please try again later. (ZIEIQ001 - 014). How can this be corrected as I would like the phone app to work.



That is somethnig you need to get used to, unfortunately. No matter how long you are with AGL, each time they have a maintenance upgrade or whatever, usualy on weekends, you just know that this lost data will occur. It does right itself, eventually, it's just frustrating. As I have a digital meter her in SA I tend to do a daily look up of the current balance of my electricity account and record it. At this very moment it's showing the 14/6/2016 balance, last night it showed 13/6/2016. I have to keep checking during the day to get the 15/6/2016 balance.


If you ask me why I need to do this, simple, show me where the Apple App and the useage data on the website actually tally with anything, the App included. Perhaps one is ex gst, one is excluding/including the discounts, perhaps one is, well, who knows. If I bowed out of AGL then I am sure it would not take long to get a final and accurate balance to pay, why on earth in this digital era of our AGL cannot have one simple calculated daily balance that is actually correct is realy beyond me.


Anyway, noting that AGL here in SA seem to be the first to bump up their prices I can see me being in line to look at alternatives alond with so many....I do hate energy providers, petrol companies and etc. who are first to get the ball rolling, I live and I learn, and I remember.


Nice thing to get a free digital meter, has it's advantages like better reporting, eventually but it has a down side, particularly if your low income or very little money as one click of of the keyboard and you have instant cut off, not a nice feeling, no doubt followed up by a hefty fee to re-connect, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.


I am certainly not anti AGL, just frustrated that as they do no more than bill us or install free digital meters I'm not sure how they can justify quite high new fees in the coming weeks, I will wait and see though what it really does cost me first.


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Hey @Muzz, sorry to hear of the issues you've experienced thus far with the app. Leave some further details via our app feedback form and we'll get in touch to assist you with this, and we'll get your app up and running.

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My AGL App reports “sorry unable to retrieve your info etc”. It has done this for the last couple of months. I have logged out of the app and logged back in with no effect. I have removed the app from my iPhone and reinstalled, still no effect, still get the same error message. Usage amounts are always about 3 weeks behind. Any ideas would be welcome