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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

AGL Rewards "That's wasn't supposed to happen"




I'm getting the above error when I try to access AGL Rewards from My Account, and judging from the forums, I'm not the first. I've tried multiple browsers and computers. I've emailed the AGL Rewards email address that replied and asked me to call the normal AGL number. The first time, they hung up on me when they tried transferring me to the resolutions team (after I had to teach the operator what AGL rewards is). The second time they transferred me to resolutions, who then transferred me to "AGL Rewards" (Ambassador Card) who can't help with this issue because it's on AGL's website, before I get transferred to theirs for the actual purchase of gift cards. Their customer service was great; AGL's has been terrible. Can a moderator please help resolve this?


AGL Community Manager

Hi @samt . Shoot me a private message with your account number (click on my name and then click send private message) and I'll have this looked into.

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Thanks David. I called back and it is now resolved. I'll send you my account number anyway; perhaps you can check who looked at my account in the first couple of calls and offer them some training.


Hi David, I have the same problem. I I found I can't access AGL Rewards after many times of trying...