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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.

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I am patiently waiting for the AGL app on my ipad to begin to display useful information about my solar production and usage. Is there ongoing teething problems with the developers of this app? I cannot see anything that resembles the feature 'Solar Command Check'? And I have been patient , been trying for over 2 months and made various calls to 'resolutions' the people there are always obliging but my issues continue. I have friends with other suppliers and they are able to view their usage/ production of solar in just about real time (for free). On my desktop, I can open up my account that shows usage/exporting for the last 7 days (only up to yesterday) but when I try to view specifics of any one of those days, an 'ERROR' message come up? Will DISPAY of 'account info/usage/production of solar' for ones account either desk top or tablet ever be seamless' reliable and without hiccup? Anyone else in a similar postion, or more to the point is anyone NOT plagued with the problems I have described? AGL people feel free to contact me to discuss or if you can give me advice, I would welcom it!


AGL Moderator

Hi Jackson,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


It's disappointing to hear that you've found out app so problematic. We'll kindly ask you to complete the feedback form in the 'More' tab, attaching any relevant screenshots of this issues. From there, our app support team will take a closer look at the account and get in touch with you ASAP.


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I can now confirm that the information available on my desktop through my online account is much more reliable and consistent.

Whilst the initial sign in gives an ‘error message’ I am actually ‘signed in’ and can quickly open my account by clicking on the ‘AGL LOGO’

Not seamless but still for the time being OK

I notice that usage/export of solar info is now available for any chosen day, which was not possible before.

I am still not clear if the usage info I can access I can access here is in fact SOLAR COMMAND CHECK which I understand is the basic/free version of SOLAR COMMAND?


However, The information I can glean thru my Ipad or phone app is extremely basic.

Why, when ‘usage’ is chosen, does this app NOT offer similar information regarding SOLAR, as can be accessed through my desk top account?

Absolutely no SOLAR USAGE or EXPORT INFORMATION CAN BE ACCESSED through these apps?

When ‘SOLAR’  is chosen the three options lead to errors?


I have noticed recently that my AGL online services account, offers data up to 'yesterday', and whilst not 'real time' data or 'close to real time data' for me it is a significant improvement to what I was able to glean from this account in the past.

However I continue to remain dismayed and disappointed with the app available from the apple ‘App Store’.

When is AGL going to offer an app that gives FREE quality information to a customer with solar panels regarding Solar usage and export as close as possible to real time.

Is the only option for a customer to sign up to the paying service ‘Solar Command’? Is AGL protecting this paid service by deliberately offering effectively no free Solar usage and export data on its app for devices?  


The app in its present form does none this. Other apps from other suppliers and ‘streets ahead’ when it comes to offering customers FREE data regarding solar usage and export.


What do I not understand or have got wrong regarding this matter? Welcome comments