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5 months long waiting for gas bill issue to be resolved




I started to have this gas bill issue since Oct, for my third bill with AGL


My first two bills were around 100$ each, and suddenly I was charged for more than 350$


It was very difficult for me to have photos of meter reads, because I have to arrange with building committee at my place to open the meter room. It actually took several of my annual leaves.


It has been countless times I talked to AGL and have them confirmed they have my meter reads many many times, and several annual leaves spent to take meter reads. I even sort it out as a timeline for my 5 months long waiting for such an issue (Timeline attached at the end)


They even arranged a technician to come to my place to check both gas meters, confirmed it's all working good, obtain the meter reads and send it back to AGL.


But AGL don't even use my actual meter reads, and somehow they don't even use the meter reads obtained my the technician who came to my place at 7am on 15Jan2019


And they keep charging me the estimated number, which is three times


Based on their number, one of my meter reads was significantly overcharged:

Estimated End Read (7Feb): 114,142.98

Estimated Start Read (Nov): 111,656.00

To calculate the Usage Mj, we multiply the difference above with 10 (multiplier) and aprox 0.3225 (conversion rate)

Estimated Usage is: 8000Mj = aprox $250 ($0.0292/Mj)


My Actual Read for Oct18 (first meter read) was 058,278

My Actual Read for Feb19 (20th of Feb) was 058,367

Usage for Oct18 to Feb19 would be around 300Mj

I heard a story of a couple with the same issue, and they average around 1.32Mj/day of using hot water

My house have 4 people in total, 300Mj means around 3.3Mj/day, which is even more than doubled already, isn't that logically fairly ok here........


Yesterday, they sent an email yesterday saying my meter is faulty.....and they will have it repaired in between 8-10 weeks (2 months or more)........that's not fair, I have been providing meter reads several times, confirmed and accepted several times. Even a technician came to my house to check everything is fine working and meter reads obtained. They still keep using the estimated and keep charging high bill




So here is the Timeline:


Oct18 - First Chats regarding gas bills around Oct18

9Nov18 - Took me around 2 weeks to get gas meter readings, email sent to AGL with photos   ---> AGL requested to resend

14Nov18 - another day-off taken to get meter readings, email sent to AGL with photos

15Nov18 - AGL requested to send both photos of both meters in one email, not separate   ----> Photos sent again to AGL, both meter, one email

16Nov18 - First confirmation from AGL to solve issue within 5 days

--------No response---------

27Nov18 - Email sent to AGL to follow up on the issue

--------No response----------

28Nov18 - Online chat with AGL, advising issue is being looked at, bills will be fixed within 24 hrs

30Nov18 - Online chat with AGL, nothing is fixed, AGL advised they have the meter reading numbers, entering in the system while on chat, updated, confirmed issue will be fixed within 24 hrs

02Dec18 - Online chat with AGL, nothing is fixed, AGL advised they have the meter reading numbers, they will leave a note "urgent" thing, will have this enquiry looked ASAP


05Dec18 - follow up email sent 22:51, expressing disappointment

06Dec18 - 5.11pm, phone call received ((03) 8206 8930) but hang up and immediate "Please call us about your enquiry" email same time 5.11pm.

                - Phone call to AGL ((03) 8206 8930), expressing the matter of incidence and received apologies for delay caused, AGL confirmed both receipts of meter reads and notes from all previous communications

                - AGL apologized again and with some sort of guarantee for resolution

                - Meter reads requested and accepted over the phone

                - AGL offered to reassess all previous gas bills, advised the be done next few days, promised timeframe of max 5 days of resolution

                - AGL advised a resolution method, providing meter read every quarter for actual bill


02Jan19         -    No response,

  • No bill reassessment,
  • No phone call back from AGL, nothing has changed as per AGL advice, and promises

03Jan19        -   AGL response as below

  • Apologies from AGL
  • Confirmed meter reads were received, sent to billing department

08Jan19          -     Receive a call from AGL (02) 6192 6206 for gas meter testing arrangement

  • Booked for Tuesday 15Jan19 / 7am

15Jan19          -    AGL technician came to my house to test and confirm both meter reads

  • Technician confirmed both meters running, both tested and meter reads obtained

31Jan19          -     AGL sent revised bill, all previous bill records removed

  • With 3$ credit for next month

15Feb19          -      AGL Gas bill of around $300

  • Using Estimated instead of actual




Would someone advise on how to make AGL to give us the correct bill. 


We are now wondering if we're not gonna change our provider for gas. 


Thank you guys.