pay a bill

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pay the account for C M Turner.


AGL Moderator
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Hello jt1, 


AGL has multiple payment methods available, most commonly you can pay your invoice through our website or your online AGL account.

If you do need assistance with your payment you can contact our team here 


Thank you. 



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Hi I last my gas bill . I don’t have my account number 

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Contact AGL on 131245 and explain the issue.



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I was with Click energy. You have sent me my new bill and I have tried on numerous occasions to pay the bill without success. With Click energy I would just click payment and put in my details and the bill was paid. You have sent me a code number on all occasions but when I put the number in it says it is incorrect. I have done this on at least 5 occasions. How can I pay my bill?


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On the last page of your bill there are listed a number of ways that you can pay your bill.




You can also make payments directly from your online account.



Log into your account,

        Select BILLING from the top row

        Select Make A Payment


       (See the picture attached below)


        Enter the selection you desire.


The most secure way that I know online is to use the BPAY payment, you simply log onto your bank account, create a BPAY payee and then you can make payments at any time.


Be aware though, that you must enter the details exactly as listed on the bill, otherwise you may pay the wrong bank account as no checking is done by the banks to ensure that you are paying the account you want.




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