need to delay payment

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hi its lynette [personal details removed] look I was surpost to do a payment today for 60.0 dollars 30.00 dollars on each gas and electricity but I had lost my purse and everything was in it so I reported it so im going to need new cards send to me so I can pay this as I don't want my service disconnected at letting you know why it hasn't been done and I cant do it without my cards as I haven't got any bills in my house. so could you kindly get some new ones sent out to me asap then ill pay it on the 14th November for it to start then as the amount ive said for both could you kindly get back to me and let me know what use have done to help me thanks.

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Hi rockabillylyn,


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Unfortunately we cannot address these sorts of enquiries through this forum, although we'd love to if we could! You'll be best served getting in touch with our customer service team here.


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