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I've had a smooth run for two months with AGL then suddenly my electrical prices went through the roof. One month I paid just $30 then this month skyrocketed up to $160. Amazed at this bill I began reviwing my metre and electrical consumption history, still didn't make any sense. I travel overseas every two weeks, when I leave I turn off all switches, unplug appliances (which are few and far between and the few have 4/5 star consumption rating) and switch of the main board.


When I do return home, I'm hardly in my one bedroom flat, I have ample breeze so no need for AC, no vacuum, no tv, really I have nothing cause I'm never home and live out of a suitcase.


When I called customer service, I was told it's just an average and AGL will do nothing. Then, how on earth do I use as much energy as a 4 bedroom house? There is something seriously wrong with AGL... after my discussion with customer service, I'm leaving AGL after only a couple months. If you're reading this and wondering if you should change to AGL, the answer is please don't.

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Hi henry01!


Welcome to AGL Community. 


If you have selected monthly billing for your electricity account, you'll need to check whether you have a smart meter or a basic meter.


If you have a smart meter, then your monthly bills will be issued on all actual readings. If you have a basic meter, your meter is read manually by the network every 3 months. Your monthly bills in between the scheduled quarterly readings will be issued either on an estimate reading or a reading that you've provided. 


You can enter your own meter reading on your My Account here


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I fail to see how your answer resolved my complaint. How does a one bed apartment with very limited usage and lack of appliances generate such a large electricity bill? Automated meter or not, this has no difference...