Unauthorised account closure

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Hi, I got a email saying my latest bill is the final bill. Which shouldn't be because I haven't authorised anything.


I've contacted online support and they have said they'll investigate it within the next 20 to 60 days. That's a pretty epic time span. I've also posted on twitter, but only to realise they aren't online after the fact.


My question is for clarification, will I still be with AGL during this time or has some other company that I have no idea of the costs just hijacked my address for profit? Then will I have to pay a connection fee to come back?



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These are Community pages and you should contact AGL directly in regard to this as you may find that you gas has been disconnected.




The above link will take you to the AGL contact page so you can see you options.


I would be contacting them again quickly if I was you.




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I've been battling a similar issue since July, so frustrating! 

Then today I receive 2 accounts that back date to disconnection date with a completely new account number and addressed to "Energy Consumer".

I've been on their online chat and still not sorted.


Good luck!