Solar Feed in not Recorded

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I have called twice to confirm that I do not need to perform any additional actions to ensure my solar feed is getting recorded, however 'My Usage' still shows no FiT. My smart meter has an export figured recorded, but when I download the CSV from My Usage, there is no feed in data listed. This house is newly built so as I understand it, the figure on the smart meter is what should be showing up in the My Usage page.


From the reading I've done, it should be automatically detected and I should get an invitation to sign up for Solar Command, which hasn't happened either.


Can this please be investigated? 

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I had solar installed at the start of July and received an email from AGL regarding feed in rates, etc.  No feed ins have appeared in my usage in the app as yet.  IS there something else I need to do?



AGL Moderator
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Hi Anthonyc, there is nothing you need to do, you will generally be able to see the solar export online after the first bill has been issued. If this has occurred and you still can not see this please get in touch via messenger in My Account, so we can follow up. 

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OK.  Thanks for the reply.

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I am also having the same issue, I have solar installed and the Meyer was upgraded. The app showed Feed in for one day then went blank and only shows power I'm buying from grid. 

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7/4/22 My solar feed in stopped recording over 30 days ago when a meter upgrade happened. I have since received a bill with no solar feed in credit for the first time in over three years. Can you please fix this?