Solar Export Restrictions

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I am a resident of Dondingalong NSW 2440 (near Kempsey) and am about to install a residential solar system. You offer attractive feed in rates with some conditions and I intend to move our account to AGL at the time of installation. I would like to get some clarity around the eligibility for the 21c FIT. 


1) When you say a system is 10kW in size, do you mean 10 kW inverter or 10kW of panels? Clearly the latter does not generate 10kW (more like 7.5kW).

2) Depending on the answer to Q1, if I install a system that is over the limit, what FIT am I eligible for?

3) Are there limits on the amount that a residential system can feed back to the grid both over and under 10kW?

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Hi Ellen 1


Thanks, you are saying that the solar system should be less than 10kw, however I spoke to an AGL rep yesterday and they confirmed that its not the solar system but the inverter that needs to be less than 10kw. So if I have a 13.2 kw solar system and a 10kw inverter I should be eligible for the 21 cents tariff.


Could you please confirm this.



AGL Moderator
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Hi Adrian2020, 


Could you please send me a private message so I can chase that up as that information is incorrect. We have had this confirmed by the products team multiple times, it is certainly based on Panel size not inverter size. 

Im really sorry you have been given the wrong information. 


Thank you.


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@Ellen1, @Adrian2021 , @-Nam- 


I have asked previously to be pointed to an actual FACTUAL AGL document that states there is a 10KW limit.

What you are stating is hearsay and as an employee you should quote actual fact.


The number of panels you have connected to an inverter are not relevant to the output of the inverter. It simply means that on a day of less light intensity you can still possibly output the full capacity of the inverter.


When I applied to SA Power Networks for an "Application to connect a new system" it was granted as the inverter was approved by them as a 4.99Kw system even though I had 6.6Kw of panels attached.


Once again, please supply a link to an AGL document which states there is a limit of 10kw.


If you have read all the posts in this thread then you will have seen that I have shown an instance where the supplier puts a limit of either 3 or 5 Kw. on energy generation.


@David_AGL  could you please help out on this as well


Cheers Neil


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@NeilC thanks for tagging me in, I'm looking into this.


Update: The 10kW limit is stated on the plan conditions for the Solar Savers plan.


On the Plans page, click "See plan conditions". 


Judging by the number of questions around it, it looks like it might help to publish this more widely.



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Thanks David.

Only listed in Solar Savers


Energy plan period

This plan is available as part of an ongoing market contract to residential customers with a solar system no larger than 10 kW in NSW / SA / Qld where AGL operates. The offer is available to net metered and gross metered customers and customers who are currently receiving a feed-in tariff under any government scheme.


So only applicable to Solar Savers in the States in Red above.


Now the next issue is the wording " with a solar system no larger than 10 kW ".

I have a system that can produce up to 6.6 Kilowatts but it is limited (and only authorised) to output 5kw. (My actual Approval Document states 4.99Kw)

Now if I applied for and got a 10Kw System authorised, I can only output 10Kw even though the system is rated as (say) 12kw.

Yet there is hearsay on these pages that it is Total Capacity not Rated Output.

Can this be defined please.




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@NeilC, I'll see if I can chase down some clarification on that for you. 

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David I really don't think that this survey is appropriate here.

To other readers I suggest that you do not enter this survey as it may be a phishing scam.



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Hi @NeilC , thanks for the heads up, that was definitely a spam post and I've removed it and banned the user. 


To report stuff like this, you can also click the "..." button beside a post,  and in the menu I believe you should see options like "report abuse" and "mark as spam"

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there is a 5kw  limit  in  SA

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you can output all you like  - but u  can only export 5 kw      ---   in  S.A