Significan't delay on setting up my solar saver account

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I recently installed 9.2 Kwh solar panel, and installer suggested I should change over to bigger energy company like AGL.

Luckily, the agent told me it is good time to get last "End of financial year deal" plus 20c FIT. As requested, I provided all details about my house and solar system, excited to wait for completion of my account setup.

But, nothing I realized it took over two month, but nothing happened, then I start contact AGL to solve this problem, I rang them many times(of course not everyday), and all i got is "Yes we will sort this out, please give us some times, and please stay online to do short survey about my service"...

I got another app on my phone called "Solar Web Pro" which allows me to monitor production and consumption of my solar electricity. In 2 month it produced 1100 Kwh electricity and I can see it fed in to grid lots of them every day. But, last agent I spoke told me "Unfortunately, because of account abnormality, those 2 month FIT of solar energy are disappeared in their system and they can't do anything about it". Even though I couldn't see my solar saver plan and FIT detail in my account, and tried to call resolution, i got the same answer "endless investigation..."

I am very disappointed about my experience with AGL and still hasn't got any answer about it.


Does AGL value customer???