Set up automatic solar refunds

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I've got solar panels and I've been due a refund each of the last four months.


I requested the refunds be paid to my bank account, the first one was refunded, I was told all future ones would be too.


The second month, the refund wasn't paid, so I requested it via chat. Still not refunded.


The third month, the refund wasn't paid, so I requested it via chat. Still not refunded.


It's the forth month now and I am sensing a pattern. What am I doing wrong? How do I get my money refunded to me in an orderly fashion?

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Hi Todd,


Welcome to the Community!


Normally I'd encourage you to get in touch with our web chat team, but it sounds like you've already exhausted that avenue. To ensure we get on top of this, I'll ask you to send me a private message by clicking my handle (jaydeny) with your AGL account details so that I can lend a hand.





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I'm in the same boat. I contacted AGL when I commissioned my solar system and was assured that my first bill that was in credit would be deposited into my account. It wasn't.

I don't want to waste my time again. Please ensure that this is fixed for all customers.



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Hi there BudDadude, 


That is a bit frustrating. 


This is absolutely a function that we offer, and we can get that sorted for you if you would like to reach out to our Webchat team they can review what has happened so you can be confident you will automatically receive them in the future. 




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I'm curious now!.


As an AGL customer, we are on the 21c FIT (solar savers) and had Solar installed on 16th April 2020 (we are in Box Hill New South Wales).


Currently we are in "credit" of $229 and the bill is due in 17 days.


What happens when the 17 days passes? Does the credit stay as is or can I have the credit transferred to my bank account?




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Hi William! 


We can absolutely organise refunds for you, and automatic refunds ongoing. 


If you touch base with our dedicated Messaging Team through the online AGL My Account they will certainly be able to help. 


Thank you 


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Thanks Ellen. I contacted AGL and have now set it up for a quarterly refund to my bank acount.


Seriously loving AGL and their services!


Have a great weekend,



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Hi WilliamNSW! 


I am so glad to hear that! Have a wonderful week!