Pension Concession

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I received Pension Concession last year. Notified AGL of details October 2019. Had Electricity with AGL since 2000 and Gas with AGL since 2001. Unfortunately as I have separate account numbers AGL systems won’t process Gas concession. 
AGL kindly offered to put up my gas price by 15% summer and winter so I can get concession in winter.


Amy other customers with same issue?

AGL Moderator
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Hello, thanks for contacting us and for using AGL Community.


If you do have an enquiry relating to your account, please contact us and we'd be happy to assist;


If you have an online account, you can also use AGL Messenger via the APP or My Account online.




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Since my message of 12 July I have made progress.


Had a WebChat with Resolution Team on Monday who understood the issue.


Also had a call from AGL on Monday.


My Winter Gas Concession is now in place and I have been given a credit. Incorrect bills have been credited and reissued with the Concession applied.


AGL offered to refund the credit amount but I chose to leave it on the account as my next bill is due in 3 weeks.


Thanks AGL

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Hi @UpsetPensionrt . I'm really glad to hear we were able to help you out with that. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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How do I know if the pension concession has been put through on my account ?

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 I’m assuming you have notified AGL the Concession Details.


If so, then you have 2 options:


1 Wait for your next bill - you should see a Concession credit (all year round for Electricity and Winter only for Gas)


Or 2 Telephone AGL and confirm the concession is activated 



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I should add that you need to make sure that both your Gas and Electricity are on the same Account Number.



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I see nothing on my account as to my NSW concession grants money, where do I find it, we have been eligible since 2010 but even after checking each year I still can't find anything to show it.

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Hi Lorraine,


The concession is not automatic. 

You need to contact AGL and provide your concession details 



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Every year I ask and every year nothing in response, now again no information, WHO DO I ASK TO FIX THIS OR DO I FIND A NEW POWER SUPPLIER AND PHONE COMPANY AS WELL.