Peak/Offpeak versus single rate

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Hi, recently moved from Powerdirect to AGL.

We have a farm and have 6 nmi's, three of which are for irrigation. So were peak/offpeak.

A recent price rise at powerdirect sent me looking for a better price. Was quoted Peak/Off peak prices and made the move as it brought me back to similar prices paid before price rise and a little saving  on the residential meter.

After cooling off period received emails for each of the irrigation meters, Quoted wrong price, new price is "this" and no longer Peak/Offpeak but a single rate. I really count on that off peak to keep the price down.

Called Agl help and they say Powernetworks now will not let us have Peak/Offpeak unless we have smart meters. Prices for the new peak/Offpeak much more expensive than I was quoted too.

Where do I go next?   Do I do the rounds of getting a better single rate price from the various providers?

Ican't go back to Powerdirect as I was told they are being absorbed back into AGL.


Any suggestions appreciated.