No power bill for months

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I had a smart meter installed and solar coming to the value of around $17k with a power upgrade to my home. I have AGL as my provider. We got data from august until October and all of a sudden we cannot see our usage on the app - lucky we have another app to see and record how much power we are making. We also haven’t received a power bill since October and we are on monthly billing. I have called AGL at least a dozen times and each time they say it will be fixed a certain date, when date comes and goes it’s not fixed I call them back and they are constantly blaming different things once they said they wanted to make sure my bills not to high, next time they said it’s because they sent repeat bills to people - I didn’t get any repeat bills - and just today they say it’s because of the distributor. This is ridiculous, especially for people like us that like to monitor our power use and decrease it when we have used to much one day we can be aware on other days now we have no guidance and no bills - I’m scared I’ll end up getting a massive $10,000 bill or something that’s bill shock because AGL seem untrustworthy with whatever is going on because they keep extending dates and changing their stories... get your **bleep** together AGL