My electricity bill has not arrived

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Can you send my a current bill for my electricity. I notice online that my current payment is due but I have not received a bill

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If you have an online account, then you should be able to see your bills.

Have a look at your account.




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My current electricity bill is not downloadable on tbe app or the website. If you are unable to provide it please mail a hard copy.

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The online app does not have a PDF of my bill. All previous bills have had the PDF attached but not this one.

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@pancho @roy777 

You do realise that these are community pages and can be answered by any community members?

I do not use the app myself and I am a community member and  not an AGL employee.

Even on the WEB page it can take up to three days for the BILL to show.

If you want a answer from AGL either ring AGL or start a chat from the app/web pages.





AGL Community Manager
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Hi @pancho , @roy777 


I can confirm there's a current issue with generating PDF  and paper bills. This is a technical problem with our billing partner Fuji Xerox and it affects bills generated on 11 October and 15 October. It's being investigated and will be resolved as soon as possible.


In the meantime, if you contact customer service directly, they will be able to provide you with a copy of your bill

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