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With Covid-19 changing the landscape of day to day lives, seeing a doctor when he travels for work is near impossible.  His is a Type 1 diabetic who needs to refrigerate his medicine or it will spoil, but it is impossible to get into the doctors at the moment.


Is there an easier way we could resolve this declared state of emergency?


Please call Heath on 0448288704.  


Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

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Please note that the phones lines don't enable you to get answers

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @LissyJane.

Sorry you've had trouble getting in touch with us.

For information on registering medical life support devices, take a look at this page


The current situation has made it difficult to maintain call centre capacity and this has meant long wait times on the phone, so a good alternative is to log in to your My Account and click "Message Us".

Of course, for any life-threatening emergency, call 000.