Late Payment fees

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Hi All


Have been with AGL for many years and moved away only with Gas due to massive overcharging. Quick summery eventually received a full years refund from AGL as the Gas meter had been broken. Had to investigate the building fight and find proof. Found 8 of 12 meters had failed due to old age. Estimates that just increased time after time.....


So new issue am not with AGL but company am with has been bought out now they transferred me to AGL. Have paid my bills a little late twice once due to estimated reading was so high. I supplied the actual reading never received a corrected bill. They added a $12.73 fee. This time I did miss the email and paid late another $12.73 fee. 


On a tiny gas bill of $90 and $113 bill this is huge 10-18% fee for sending a reminder / demand automated email. 


Have checked with late payment amounts you can charge and this is obviously illegal. Can only cover costs and expenses involved. Estimate $1 including interest. Postage maybe $5 time and people involved.


As I actually have no contract with AGL will demand full refund. 


Have a direct debit for electricity trust them, AGL using Jemena have zero trust my bills got to $340 which was higher than my electricity bill. Got the run around must have had long showers cooked allot. The pressure of gas may be high..  Pissed me off and still does.


Don't really care about $12 but because it involves the terrible service I received in the past will fight every over charging penny. Always happy to pay for good service.