Insanely high "estimated" gas bill

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So it's happened again, after AGL said they'd fixed things so I wouldn't receive these insanely high estimated bills.


Nearly $613 for 90 days in a house with just 1 person.


Same period usage last year was less than half that so why would AGL estimate that I'd be using more than DOUBLE this year ?



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Hi Pepito,


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I understand that estimated meter readings can be frustrating. You can read more about these here: Why do I get estimated bills?


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I feel your pain!
Attach is my JUL estimated Bill for Electricity which jumped up over 1000% ($800 for 1 month)
If it doesn't look right it's not right! Yet AGL just issue it out anyway and waste another month to investigate what's happening.

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Hi, @KennyT that is nothing compared to my bill here:





This is for just two adult and one baby living in an old 2 bedroom apartment but got charged 20x 5 people household.


Sending weekly photos of the meter reads to does not help at all.


So, I wonder how did you end up escalating your case of the exorbitant gas bill charge?

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Hello - I was wondering how you approached this with AGL? I posted about a very similar issue ( in Nov 2020. My issue is still ongoing and keep hitting dead ends in trying to collect data (which I am entitled too) to complete the appropriate review. Like yours, my issue is so glaringly obviously an error but AGL doesn't want to hear it. I am at my wits end; there is no transparency, even on things which we the customer are entitled too. I'm about two weeks away from calling Channel 9, Channel 7 and the ABC with my story. I'll be referring them to this 'Neighbourhood' to see the hundreds of members in the same or similar situations.


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Hi @USAwimLA ,


When you say the issue is ongoing, do you mean that there's an ongoing review of this underway by the Resolutions team? What dead ends have you been hitting?



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