Incorrect solar I feed information

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I recently changed my solar plan to AGL solar savers. Prior to change of plan, my inverter used to generate and sold to grid avarege of 25kw and buy only 5-7kw a day. After changing the plan, now it shows I only sold 3 or 6 kW to grid and bought 25 kW a day which is costing me a fortune (as rate is higher on this plan).

I have screenshots of my inverter showing generated 20-30kw a day however agl app shows only generated up to 7 kW...


What a rip off! Already contacted to AGL twice and they said whether my usage increased or I have problems with the panels... I am waiting for my new bill to come and I will be switching to another company soon! Beware! 

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Hi Ekaraca, I have 20 KW of solar and I’m with AGL

My last quater bill was twice has much than  last year , $1200 and there is only two of us in a 4 bedroom home , don’t even use the heater and  use LPG for  cooking and no changes 

Smart Meter must be faulty but no one is taking responsibility so I’m stuck and getting frustrated 

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You can get a separate private approved meter installed and compare it to your agl meter readings for the day.


Contact  a sparky and get a quote to have one installed either temporarily or permanently.

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Usage was being estimated even with the smart meter automatically sending usage info to AGL. I contacted AGL, they investigated and credited me the difference. All working as it should now. 

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I too am having this same problem. I have messaged someone on the AGL app, shown them screen shots of both the app and the fronius app that tracks my solar generation and usage. I’ve even counted both the fronius usage and AGL app usage. 
The AGL app says I sold 8.7kWh to the grid and used 11.8kWh. 
My fronius app says I should have sold 80.7kWh to the grid and used 9.79kWh. 
even if I add both lots of usage together I should have at the very least sold 59.11kWh to the grid. 
Weird! I’m now looking to other providers who record our usage correctly and generation correctly. Feels like a scam to me. 

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Hi Adam, 


I know it's been awhile since you send this message. 


I had to change my plan again to essential saver than my problem was sold. There must be conflict with Agl's system on that plan.


Now I get accurate readings and proper bills.


I hope this helps.





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Hi Mattis,


It's been awhile since I had the issue however I remember changing my plan to essential saver which fixed my problem. I paid overly rated 2 bills unfortunately as AGL didn't bother to investigate.

My recommendation would be change your plan immediately.


My email address is


Let me know how it goes.









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So this is the moment where I stop and eat humble pie. I should have talked to my mates who have solar before getting my nickers in a knot. They told me what the AGL representative could not…wait 48 hours for the information to update in the app. 
move checked again this morning and the feed in and usage are accurate now. 
I also checked and we are on the solar savers plan. 


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They must have seen your message and fixed it, for me it wasn't the case, waited almost 2 months so decided to change my plan which fixed it. Weird. Keep an eye on it mate.

Take care

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Unfortunately I am having exactly the same problem...I am having a 12.4 KW System and under Solar Savers Plan at the moment...My Solar System is producing Electricity to the level that it is exporting the Electricity on the daily basis to the Grid...However what is more surprising is that even though when my Solar is exporting Electricity during the sunny day time, AGL is also charging me for the electricity bought from the Grid...?


How could it be possible that I would be buying electricity from the Grid during the sunny day (not night time or dark) when my solar is actually exporting the Electricity at the same time...Which means that I should not have bought anything from the Grid as my Solar is already exporting the Electricity to the Grid...?


Spoke to AGL Customer Service for hours and hours and all they could tell me was my usage would have been more than my solar generation, which is absolutely wrong as my solar was exporting at all those times...?