How do I get a live person to talk to ,without having to have a call back ?

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I have been moved to AGL from Click Energy. I have yet to make contact with a person that can answer my questions even after receiving two bills. I am hard of hearing and can use a phone, but don't always hear it ringing to pick it up straight away. I have put in for a call back 4 times now and received two that I have missed even though I have told them to keep trying until they reach me. I have had contact via email but when I send questions to them through an email, they answer none of them and tell me to ring them. Then I ring and they either don't call back or call back and I can't hear the phone ring. Is there a number that gets a person that knows about the ins and outs of billing differences from click to Agl? Since being with AGL  I was told nothing would change with my billing. Then I received my first bill and it seems everything is different. It appears that the prices are the same or lower on most things and my solar buyback is the same however I have received two AGL bills in two months that are similar to what my quarterly bills are and it says they are estimated. Being on a pension I can not afford to pay two to three times as much for my electricity and then wait to get it back when they decide to read my meter. Or is it me that has to read the meter? I have no idea as no one has told me anything about how this works I just know I paid my last bill with click and it was a quarterly one and then it seems I get another bill that is as much as a quarterly bill and it says it's for two months but it has bill dates that overlap with my last bill paid to the click company. then I immediately get another bill that is as big as a quarterly bill normally is the following month. So in two months, I have received 3 bills that are as large as my normal quarterly bills and can not get anyone that can talk to me to explain what the hell is going on. I am very frustrated and getting angry now. This company seriously needs to have a phone number to ring to get someone that knows what the hell they are talking about when it comes to customers transferring in from Click Energy. They also need to do something to make it easier for people that are hard of hearing to get hold of them by dialing a number directly. I have dialed the regular number and gotten someone twice now but they have no idea about why the billing is the way it is and then offer to have someone call me back in the next three business days. then I have missed the times they have rung because I can't hear the phone ring. I guess I am going to just start looking for a new company that I can get hold of that can explain their billing meanwhile AGL basically wants my whole pension plus some for their so-called estimated bills yet no one can explain to me why my bills have tripled. It is totally ridiculous that I have put 20 plus hours into trying to get some simple questions and my bill explained to me and gotten nothing in return. If anyone from click has gotten any answers or knows of a number I can ring that will get me some answers as to why I have gotten so many bills and for so much when they haven't even read my metre in that time. Please please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @west ,


Sounds like a frustrating experience, and lots of issues to address.

First things first - you do have alternative options if you're hard of hearing! Hearing impaired customers can make use of the National Relay Service by calling 133 677, and then quoting 1300 664 358 as the number you wish to contact. Speaking to our Resolutions team will help you sort out these problems.

If you'd prefer to communicate via text though, you can also log in to your account and then click "Message Us". There is a "bot" that handles common queries, but you'll be able to ask to get in touch with a live person. Another alternative is the live chat option you'll find on this page.

Best of luck with getting all of this sorted out, and please let us know how you go.

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