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I had a boarder for two months and myAgl bill went through the roof He didn’t work but stayed home all day with heater on He bought another heater for his bedroom and that was on all night  

he left without a goodbye and I have a huge bill that I need to work out whst oart is his Uf Agl could help me do this by compsring earlier bills compared to what happened s when he moved in I could present this new bill with chNges that he incurred  and the new bill He would not  object but take it that AGL did the review and therefore it is correct He would then pay his share believing it was correct He is easy to ark up and would be quick to say the review I made was wrong Having. An Agl person on hand to represent customers  in working out such accounts would make it so much easier Sgl would get  paid promptly and have no worries with me Sincerely Sa