Extremely high electricity bill

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Dear AGL, 

I never had a bill that surpasses $500 let alone $1000, always paid bill on time with due diligence.  I received a shocking surprise on my latest bill for $1269.99. We are a 3 person household 9-5pm essential workers during COVID, solar-paneled installed, no change in household behavioral activities, no additional or installation of any electrical appliance and currently already doing it tough with COVID and this bill topped it. 

AGL support advised a private electrician to come out to inspect the meter, adding more money-out-of pocket.

What is the rationale for calling out an electrician that could potentially not resolve the matter of $1269.99 bill + $100 electrician call out fee? What specific-related report from the electrician are you after to verify /invalidate the 'estimated' reading (not actual reading) on the $1269.99 bill? My concern is AGL is playing monopoly on their loyal customers and consumer protection potentially compromised, misleading many whom are billed extremely high and inaccurate electricity bill. 

I look forward to your response on this matter. 

Kind Regards,