Excessive Usage Estimate.

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I recently installed a 6.6 Kw solar system and have now had the smart meter installed after some delay by the installation company.  I have just received my account and it is estimated as opposed to the normal physical read.  The estimate is excessively high at $970.47.  My previous 2 accounts were only $305.75 & $556.01 respectively.  I am the only person who lives at the address and am very careful to only use power hungry appliances during the day when my solar is generating at it’s peak.  The AGL app indicates that I am generating far more electrify than what I am using so I am confused about the high estimation.  Can some one explain why it might be so high and how can I have that estimation reviewed.  I called AGL and spoke to a Customer Service person who asked me to photograph my meters and email them and then I got a response say because they are digital meters I can’t self read.  I never asked to self read I simply wanted the account reviewed.  Please help the payment is due on 16/12 and I don’t want to have to pay such a high account if I have not actually used that much power.

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Hi Colin,


I can see where your concern is coming from.


There can be multiple different reasons regarding estimated Invoices with the smart meters.


Please get in touch with us through your my account here so we can assist you further.


Thank you.


Kind Regards,