DIY meter reads

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I'm pissed off with doing meter reads for the gas. AGL should stop palming off their duties to customers and sending estimated bills! Also getting a meter read by an employee or contractor for a fee is unacceptable! This should be performed free of charge

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @skyfall001 , meter reads are performed regularly by your local gas Distributor, not by AGL. You'll receive estimated bills if we don't have an updated actual read from your distributor. If this happens, your bill will simply be adjusted at the next time we receive an actual read. If your estimate was too high, your account will be credited, and if it was too low, there'll be an additional charge. This doesn't require any action from you.


On the other hand,  it's now simple to input your own meter read through your My Account usage page or through the AGL Energy app. This is a great option if you never want to receive estimated bills.

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