Complaint about electricity bill

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Dear AGL,


I have a complain regard to my recent electricity bill. I am only one person living in my unit, and I do not use much electricity (I do not use air conditioning, and barely used heating). However, my recent bill seems over rated.

Last week I called AGL customer service and discussed about this issue and I also told the AGL employees that no one has come over my apartment to read the meter.

Despite that he promised me to put my case as high priority and send someone over to read my meter the following week (I told him I will be away for a while so need someone to be send as soon as possible ) I did not heard from AGL. 

I was advised someone should have been came over to read the meter. I am sure no one has showed up for reading my meter from first place and  since then because I am working from home and I am always home during day time

I am so disappointed with AGL employees and would like my meter to be read. I can not find any email address to discuss my issue. Could you please give me an email address that I can complaint about my recent billing address?


Thank you.

Best Regards

AGL Moderator
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Hi F_Kh,


Welcome to the AGL Community.


I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a difficult time working with our customer service team. Can I please ask if you've had the opportunity to check your current meter reading against the End Read listed on your bill? If your current meter reading is higher, then this suggests your bill is correct. We typically ask our customers to check this themselves as opposed to sending a meter reading to the property as it is far more cost and time effective for all parties involved.


Kind regards,



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Dear Jayden,


Thank you for your reply. However, it does not help my case much. I was advise today that my apartment electricity meter is located outside the unit and on the corridor. I do not have access to it as only the AGL employee have the key and access to it.
Can I please have an email address that I can discuss this issue with ?


Thank you.

Best Regards,

AGL Moderator
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Hi F_Kh, 


That can be frustrating however the good news is with meters that are in utility cupboards like yours is that the building manager should have access to it for safety reasons. 


We do not have an email available however you are welcome to message us here for account specific assistance. 


Thank you. 

Best regards.