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Hi I would like to set up another payment plan please can i do this through centerpay I wasn't aware this was an option please can someone help me 

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Yes you can set up centrepay.

On the last page of your bill are the details for all payment methods.




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Cheers Neil

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Hi Neil

I've found Centrepay to be quick and easy and can recommend to anyone.

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That's good, I prefer to use BPay, as I know what what my fortnightly electricity (and water) usage is and can pay the amount each payday.


At the moment my electricity is -$2.00 a fortnight and my water is $38, also have to pay $90 for the council rates.


We never have bills in our house as they are paid off every for fortnight and by paying off a little more we get to the stage where we are now.


$800 credit on the electricity bill, $508 credit on the water, $1201 credit on next years rates, have not paid any interest on my credit card for 5 years now.


AGL will be sending us a cheque for about $750 soon.