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I signed up to AGL on the 28/12/19 for Gas and Electricity. Came across from Red Energy. The electrical bill was issued correctly with AGL - no problems.


However, I've just received a Gas bill issued by Red Enerngy - the dates it covers is 12/2/20 until 8/4/20. No bill from AGL and AGL My Account status for Gas says setup is still in progress.


Could someone please contact me? Appears Jayden hasn't been around for a few weeks.





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Hi wesky! 

Welcome to AGL Community! 

That certainly does sound quite delayed for a transfer request back in December, please get in touch with us directly on your AGL My Account here and we'll check to see why this is the case. You can also check here to see the other ways you can get in touch. 


Kind regards, 



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Thanks Nam,


This has been taken care of. There was a discrepancy with service addresses. The transfer was rejected by Red Enerngy but I was never told about it :(. All good though.