Bill estimates and Actual readings

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Hi AGL, 


Two weeks ago I asked you about bill estimates: 


You responded, but you didn't answer any of my questions. I submitted a reply to the response I received asking you to answer the questions, but this is no longer in the thread. 


Please answer my questions. A canned response does not help me. 


Thank you, 



AGL Moderator
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Hi thomasg1, thanks for contacting us.


If the issue hasn't been resolved with the links provided or the general information, you will need to contact us directly so that we can check your account details. 


Please contact us here, or by AGL Messenger, which you can access through the APP or My Account.




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Hi Jenna, 


This is me contacting AGL directly. 


Per my first thread, your 'Chat with us' function on your website does not work. 


Again, please just review my questions and respond. 





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Hi Jenna, 


Please respond to my message. 


Thank you, 



AGL Moderator
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Hi Thomasg1, 


Without looking at your account specifically I can provide some general information.

Getting monthly billing will cause estimates because we don't attend the property monthly, you can provide your own readings, request for a smart electricity meter or wait for the actual readings.

We would need to look at your specific account to determine when your next reading is, our dedicated team available in our AGL App or My Account would be able to confirm that for you.

In the event the estimates are higher or lower than your actual usage, when we get an actual reading you will get an adjustment to either apply a credit, or may increase the owing amount for unbilled supply.
If it is a credit, we can absolutely refund.


For account specific assistance you will need to chat with our dedicated team. 


Thank you 


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Hi Ellen, 


It's not my job to provide the readings, and it's a bit insulting that you would suggest that an option. 


One of your colleagues has also indicated that AGL are not responsible for taking the actual readings, rather it is done by my "local energy distributor".


As I see it, when estimating, AGL are reliant on meter readings to be able to make any sort of reasonable estimate of my bill. 


I understand why a bill can be estimated. However I have received five bills now that have ALL been estimated, with zero bills based on actual readings.


I don't believe you have any sort of source of truth from which you can estimate. What you're doing right now is the exact same as if I had estimated for the last five months how much I would like to pay you. 


If someone needs to speak with me directly about this then please have them contact me by email (the same email address that I am using to speak with you now, which is linked to my account). 


Thank you, 



AGL Moderator
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Hi thomasg1! 

Please send us a private message here and we'll check your account with you. 


Kind regards,